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What To Wear Beginner Golf Player in 2022

William Bron
  Dec 10, 2022 1:29 AM

Below are some suggestions on attire for beginner players. Read on to explore this topic in more depth below.


Golf is a sport that requires the use of many different types of equipment, and one question beginners often have is what type of attire to wear. There are definitely some rules on this matter, but as long as you follow them closely it doesn't really matter what you wear. Many golfers like to dress casually for their day out playing the game because it's not too difficult to play in casual clothes. You can usually tell when someone has played by looking at what they're wearing (sweaty tee shirt, dirt-covered shorts). But if your goal is simply to enjoy yourself and learn how the game works then there's no need for anything fancy. Below are some suggestions on attire for beginner players. Read on to explore this topic in more depth below.

What to Wear Golfing for the First Time


1. Golf wear

What to wear on the field is always a difficult task, especially for beginners. There are endless options when it comes to choosing an outfit and you want something that will be both appropriate but also comfortable enough so your day isn't ruined by bulky clothes or shoes. Here's what I recommend:

A collared shirt with khaki pants - this combo is perfect as casual attire while simultaneously looking polished due to its color scheme of browns and greens which embody earthy tones we associate with grass and trees in their natural state.

Wide-rimmed hat (preferably one that can offer some sun protection) – nothing says “ like wearing headgear outfitted in green camouflage, one important thing to remember is to avoid bright colors like yellow or orange so as not distract from your play but also stay away from black which may cause confusion between yourself and ball during shots! Women who aren't already experienced with what clothes work best when hitting balls down range might want something more form-fitting just in case there happens an extra-long drive where she has trouble

Men golfers have to be careful about what they wear because the dress code is different for them than it is for women and children

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2. Collared shirt, and Shorts or shorts

Choosing the right clothes is hard enough, but beginners have a whole other set of worries. From what to wear in warm or cold weather to how much clothing they should actually put on their body, there's probably more than one question that you're asking yourself when it comes down to dressing up and hitting the course with your clubs.

You know that you don't want to get too sweaty or even risk getting a sunburn, so it's best if clothes cover the parts of your body most susceptible to heat and UV light. The collar on this polo shirt will shield against the hot summer rays while keeping cool in warmer climates with its moisture-wicking material. In cooler areas, like those where snow is common during winter months, cotton shirts are an excellent choice because they provide greater warmth than their synthetic counterparts for when temps drop closer to freezing at night time hours before sunrise

but there are many factors that come into play when deciding which article of clothing is best suited for your needs - from where you live and how hot or cold it gets during certain times in the year all the way down to if they want something comfortable or more stylish.

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3. Choose golf shoes

For a beginner player, it can be difficult to know what the right shoes are for you. There are three types of shoes that have been made specifically for players:
steel-spiked, soft spiked, and spikeless soles. Steel spikes should only be worn on courses that allow them as they will tear up fairways if used in other places; however many people may not feel comfortable with these sharp points at their feet. Soft spikes or studded rubber ones? Softer spikes sound like the better option because they won't damage green grass but also provide extra grip when walking around hazards such as sand traps and water features.

Choosing footwear is a daunting task. Shoes can be categorized into three types: the first type, which has steel spikes, should be avoided as they won't allow you access on amateur courses; and there are spikeless shoes that have rubber studs in their soles. I would choose to wear trainers with flip-flop sandals since these will provide comfort when it comes time to walk around the course or swing my club at an approaching ball!

Different types of shoes are made for golfers. Steel spikes shouldn’t be worn on amateur courses and should only be used by professionals who can handle them without damaging the course too much, so trainers or sandals with a rubber sole would work better for beginners. Soft spike shoes don't have steel studs but instead use rubbers soles that help prevent your feet from feeling pressure when wearing spiked ones

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4. Belt and Socks

Most people have trouble deciding what to wear for their first game. The perfect outfit consists of a belt looped through the shorts, white socks, and shoes that are comfortable but not too loose so you don't trip over your shoelaces or step on them by accident.

Some beginner golfers have a hard time deciding what to wear when they head out to the course. Others simply layer up and pull on their shoes without thinking twice about it, but that’s not quite right for everyone! There are some things you can do so your clothes don't get in the way of how much fun you're having: put on a belt (you'll find loops at most stores), which is less formal than other belts; white ankle socks work well with slacks or shorts because they look dressier and won't stick as easily if there's dew or water from rain. Choose accessories wisely - no one wants clubs stuck inside an expensive pair of leather loafers while playing!

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5. Gloves

If you're just beginning with this sport then gloves might seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance—but once school starts back up again they’ll be invaluable not only as protection from blisters (trust me!) but also because most have grips made specifically for handling clubs more easily using two

You're a beginner golfer, here are some tips for what to wear on the course:
-Gloves - Optional but will ensure your hands don't blister and get very sore. Gloves should be worn on the hand opposite of your dominant hand (i.e., right-handed players put gloves in their left pocket). The glove size depends upon how large or small they usually buy shoes; if it's too big then you'll have trouble gripping which can lead to more mistakes! If that is not an option, try getting one size smaller than usual since gloves stretch over time with use anyways. Golfers also need socks long enough so sweat doesn’t seep through onto clothes into their shoe cleats."

Gloves! You'll need them if you play long enough. It's important to have the right size and remember that players typically use gloves on their opposite hand, so for example left-handed people will put their glove on the right arm of their caddy.

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6. Hats

Hats are a must-have for beginner golfers. You can wear visors, wide-brim hats, or bucket hats to protect yourself from the sun and your hair (which is always important). Do not forget that you cannot wear them backward when in the clubhouse because it's considered disrespectful!

Even our hats are designed to make you feel better. The HeatGear sweatband has a built-in wick to keep you cool. The stretchy fabric is breathable while you work out to keep you cool. You feel good and you are focused. That's what the jock hat does. UA Classic Fit features a curved front and a structured front that keeps its shape with a low-profile fit.

The front is supported by foam padding for comfort UA Microthread fabric uses recycled fibers designed to be stretchy and breathable. Built-in HeatGear sweat visor wicks sweat to keep you cool and dry Elastic texture for a comfortable fit Embroidered logo

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7. Under Armour Men's Bohemian


We've just updated the world's best-selling men's performance polo shirt. The fabric is now lighter and more breathable to keep you cooler and more focused. Soft fabric, anti-cocoon skin and anti-cocoon wearer. The pill has a ribbed texture. 4-way stretch construction moves better in all directions Moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Ribbed collar is durable. Consistent performance. Heat sealing logo. Wide: full cut for ultimate comfort.92% Polyester / 8% Elastane.

100% Imported Polyester Smooth, puncture-resistant, drug-resistant fabric with a grain-free texture 4-way stretch texture that moves better in all directions Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric Durable ribbed knit collar Fit performance Combination Heat-sealed logo Width: Full cut for total comfort.

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8. Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

UA Tech fabric dries quickly, is super soft and feels more natural. The wick absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Streamlined fit and contoured hem. UA Tech™ is your favorite workout. Our top: Wide, lightweight and stays in place That's why this men's workout shirt gets you.

Width: Full cut for total comfort. TALL SIZE: All sizes are 5cm longer than usual. Sleeve length adapts to the fit. Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

100% polyester Imported zipper UA Tech Machine wash Quick-drying fabric, super soft and more natural feel Quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric Newly shaped and fitted seams.

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9. Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit Stretch Golf Pant

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98% Polyester, 2% Spandex Imported Shim Fits hips and thighs with slim shins. Below the waist Smooth, wrinkle-free blend with gentle lifting and moisturizing pockets in the back Below the waist.

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What should you not wear when playing?

Do not wear denim, shorts, jeans, tights, yoga pants, or other sports pants. Do not wear long pants or shorts that are too long; it's sloppy. Don't wear pants with cuffs or pleats (fancy fake pants - we're here to make you look better)! If wearing shorts, don't wear them too tight or short.

Is there a dress code when playing golf?

Every er knows you need to wear a collared shirt and shorts or pants that are just right. Many public courses have relaxed their 'no jeans' policy.

What is the appropriate clothing list to wear on the golf course?

Men should wear long pants that are cotton or a polyester blend, or skirt shorts with a pleated or flat front. Some courses will allow men to wear jeans, but others will not. Women should also wear long pants, capris, or skirt shorts, or what is known as a yard skirt.

Can I wear jeans to golf?

Jeans are not allowed. ers are required to wear long pants or pants. Whatever material or color you're wearing, make sure it has a belt loop, which more or less means should wear a belt while fing.

What is the right golf outfit for women?

Here's a general idea of what counts as proper women's wear. The general rule of women's shirts at courses are polo shirts, turtlenecks, and turtlenecks. However, T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, strapless tops, drawstring tops, and the like are considered inappropriate.


If you’re wondering about attire for beginners, these tips will provide you with a good start. Golfing for the first time should be fun and you shouldn’t have to worry but remember that there are rules and etiquette to properly dressing for some courses. Once you’ve dressed properly and made yourself feel good, you’re ready to head out to the course.

Remember that your attitude is everything when it comes down to playing in front of others or practicing on your own; so don't forget those other parts of being a golfer like having appropriate gear! With this information at hand, get outside today and give our favorite sport a try!

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