What Is The Proper Golf Stance?

The golf stance is not just one of the most important aspects of a successful swing, but also one of the most difficult to master. We're going to go over exactly what a proper golf stance is and how you can get into it with ease.

The golf stance is not just one of the most important aspects of a successful swing, but also one of the most difficult to master. We're going to go over exactly what a proper golf stance is and how you can get into it with ease.

A good golf stance starts with your feet parallel to each other, shoulder-width apart, and pointed straight ahead for balance. Position your hands on top of the club in front of your chest in an upright position, palms facing down. Your left hand should be at 9 o'clock while your right hand should be at 3 o'clock, both pointing towards the target's location. Your shoulders should be square to the ball and your eyes looking directly down the target line about 10 yards away from where.

Famous golf enthusiast Jack Nicklaus when stated, "If you set up properly, there's a good chance you'll hit a reasonable shot, despite an average swing."

Improve your golf stance, and also you may see a big difference in your video game. You can take pleasure in a premium golf experience as opposed to fretting about your video game. The ideal stance provides you the power to hit the ball as well as regulate the instructions of the shot.

Here are some pointers to boost your golf stance.

At address, your body (feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders, and eyes) should be positioned alongside the target line. When seen from behind, a right-handed golf enthusiast shows up aimed a little left of the target. This visual fallacy is developed since the ball is on the target line and the body is not.

The simplest method to conceive this favors a railroad track. The body is on the within rail and also the ball gets on the outdoors rail. For right-handers, at 100 yards your body shows up straightened approximately 3 to 5 backyards left, at 150 yards approximately 8 to 10 backyards left, and also at 200 lawns 12 to 15 backyards left.

Pay Attention To Your Toes And Feet

Your feet ought to be shoulder-width (outside of the shoulders to the inside of the heels) for the center irons. The short-iron position needs to be 2 inches narrower, and also the position for lengthy irons as well as woods ought to be 2 inches wider. The target-side foot needs to be flared towards the target from 20 to 40 degrees to allow the body to turn towards the target on the downswing. The back foot needs to be square (90 degrees to the target line) to slightly available to produce the proper hip turn on the backswing. Your flexibility and also body turning rate establish the appropriate foot positioning.

Ball Position

The ball placement in your setup placement differs from the club you pick. From a level lie:

Play your brief irons (wedges, 9-iron, as well as 8-iron) in the facility portion of your stance. These clubs have the most upright lie angles. They have to be swung at the steepest angle, and also you ought to take a divot in front of the ball.

Your middle irons ought to be played one round toward the target-side foot from the center (around the left of the center for the right-handed golf player). These clubs have a slightly flatter lie angle, so you need to take a slightly shallower divot than with the short irons.

The correct ball setting for the lengthy irons as well as fairway timbers is two rounds toward the target-side foot from the center (2 spheres left for the right-hander). With these clubs, the ball needs to be struck directly at the bottom of the swing arc with an extremely little divot.

The chauffeur is played farthest forward (3 spheres left of the facility for the right-hander) so you strike the sphere on the growth.


Your weight should be stabilized on the balls of the feet, not on the heels or toes. With brief irons, your weight ought to be 60 percent on the target-side foot (left foot for right-handers). For middle-iron shots, the weight should be 50/50 or equal on each foot. For your longest clubs, location 60 percent of your weight on the backside foot (ideal foot for right-handers). This helps you swing the club at the proper angle on the backswing.

Your knees ought to be somewhat flexed and also straight over the spheres of your feet for balance. The center of the upper spine (in between your shoulder blades), knees, and spheres of the feet must be stacked when viewed from behind the ball on the target line. Also, the back knee must be cocked slightly inward toward the target. This aids you in bracing on your own on this leg during the backswing, therefore protecting against reduced body persuasion.

Posture (Down-the-Line View).

Your body must bend at the hips, not the midsection (your butts protrude a little when you remain in the correct stance). The spine is the axis of rotation for the swing, so it ought to be curved toward the round from the hips at approximately a 90-degree angle to the shaft of the club. This right-angle partnership between the spine and the shaft assists you turn the club, arms, and also body as a group on the appropriate plane.

Your vertebrae ought to remain in a straight line without bending in the middle of the spinal column. If your back remains in a slouch position, every degree of bend decreases your shoulder turn by 1.5 degrees. Your capacity to transform your shoulders on the backswing equals your power possibility, so maintain your spine in line for longer drives and even more constant ball-striking.

Posture (Face View).

When seen face-on, your back in the setup setting should turn sideways, slightly away from the target. The target-side hip, as well as the shoulder, must be slightly greater than the back hip and shoulder. The whole hips ought to be established an inch or more toward the target. This places the hips in the lead and also it counteracts your body, as your top spinal column leans far from the target.

Your chin should be up, out of your upper body, to urge a better shoulder turn. Your head needs to be tipped at the same angle as the spine, and also your eyes ought to focus on the inside section of the rear of the ball.

Arms as well as Hands.

At address, your hands must hang simply onward of your pants zipper (just off the inside of your target-side thigh). The hands-to-body range varies depending upon the club you are hitting. A great rule of thumb is to have the hands a hand's size from the body for brief and also center irons (4 to 6 inches) as well as a hand's length-- from all-time low of the wrist to the pointer of your middle finger-- for lengthy irons and timbers.

The Final Setup Positions.

The shaft of the club appears to lean somewhat towards the target with your brief irons since the sphere is positioned in the facility of your stance. With your center irons, the shaft of the club leans only a little towards the target (or otherwise whatsoever), because the sphere is forward of the facility. With lengthy irons and woods, your hands, as well as the shaft of the club, appear to be in line. Again, as the sphere position progresses, the hands remain in the exact same area, so the lean of the shaft vanishes. With a motorist, the shaft leans far from the target.

Your arms and also shoulders ought to form a triangular as well as the elbow joints ought to point to the hips.


Learning how to properly use What Is The Proper Golf Stance is the first step in improving your game. We’ve provided a number of tips and guides for you that will help you understand what works best for everyone from beginners all the way up to pros. If you want more information about this or any other golf-related topic, please feel free to check out our blog post library where we have everything broken down into easy-to-follow categories. You can also contact us with questions anytime!

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