How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball

If you watch professional golf, you have probably seen that players hit down on the golf ball to make it go up.

How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball

The first step to hitting down on the golf ball is to start by positioning your feet so that you are in a balanced position. The next thing you need to do is grip the club with an open stance, and then address the ball with your hands over it. Once this has been done, it will be time for you to take a deep breath and focus on making contact with the ball while keeping your eyes fixed on its target. You should also make sure that you have enough power before swinging at the ball because if not, then there's no point in even trying!

If you watch professional golf, you have probably seen that players hit down on the golf ball to make it go up.

‘Hit down on the ball’ is a phrase that has been told to golfers struggling to improve their ball striking for decades. The conventional wisdom has always been that better golfers will take a huge divot with their iron shots, and the key to “compressing” the golf ball is to produce an extremely steep club path towards impact.

In this article, we are going to look at what actually how to hit down on the golf ball. Let’s get it started.

How To Hit Down On The Golf Ball

First of all, we think you want to know the meaning of the phrase “Hit down on the golf ball” right? If the answer is Yes, you should continue reading this article because you will find the answer below:

What you will learn in this post…

  1. What does it mean to hit down on the golf ball?
  2. How to hit down on golf ball with irons
  3. How to Swing the Club to Hit Down on the Ball

What Does it Mean to Hit Down on the Golf Ball?

As simple as it sounds, how to hit down on the ball means that the force applied during the initial touch of the club on the ball is in a downward direction. Furthermore, this is done by impacting the ball when the club is on its way down from the topmost position and the club face should contact the ball first before hitting the ground. This is true for all kinds of golf shots including fades and draws.

Similarly, whether you want the ball to go straight in the air or curve towards your target, the correct method to do this is to hit down on the ball. The harder you hit, the higher and further will the ball fly. Finally, if you are using an iron, this is a must-know method for hitting long-distance iron shots.

After getting to understand the definition of the phrase “Hit down on the golf ball”. Now we will show you step by step how to hit down on a golf ball with irons.

Low point

What you shoot every golf swing has what we call a low point the low point is where the club is at its lowest point in the golf swing. Alright, so when we start my swing the clubs on the ground, and when we move the club away from the ball start to work up when we start to go forward or towards the target the club starts to travel back down until it either hopefully comes in contact with the ball or the ground and then it starts to work back up that point where it is at its lowest is what we call the low point.

Now the key is that we have got to have the low point slightly in front of the ball. We are going to repeat that because that's important the key here is you have got to have the low point slightly in front of the ball.  So how can we do that well the first thing you are going to do is simply check your ball position this is an easy way to maybe fix the problem.

When you are set in there, you probably want your irons to be pretty much in the middle of your stance. All right if you got that ball far forward up, we don’t care how good your golf swing is the low point is in the wrong spot, you are going to be hitting upon it. You are not going to hit a quality iron shot. So position that ball so it’s basically, about in the center of your stance. When you do that, that’s going to help you catch the ball a little bit of the downswing ie the ball behind the low point and you are going to hit a quality iron shot.

Handle the position

The second thing we want to talk about right here is to handle the position so here’s what we want you to know let me just kind of go through this real quick when the handle is behind the club head what you need to know is that in essence in all factors moves the bottom of the swing the low point back when the handle is in the front all things being equal that moves the low point forward which is exactly what we want if we want to hit down on the golf ball so if we know that when you are set in there just simply move the handle a little bit in front of the ball if it is going to help you move the low point forward and once again hit slightly down on the golf ball.

Yeah, now we will help you go through how to swing down on the golf ball. We will show you four steps that are going to fix your problem. Let’s jump in.

How to Swing the Club to Hit Down on the Ball

Golf is a sport that requires finesse and skill. However, there are some things you can do to make your game a little easier. If you want to hit the ball down on the golf course, try these steps: 1) take three deep breaths before hitting; 2) stand about six inches behind where you want the ball to land; 3) point your toes towards where you want the ball to go; 4) swing up and down with an arc motion and follow through.

This blog post will teach readers how they can get better at playing golf by simply following these four steps!

Step 1

  • Without a golf club stand erect with your arms at your sides and with your feet firmly placed on the ground with your feet separated a comfortable distance apart.
  • It is essential to determine a comfortable stance width first as that will be your foundation for the rest of the setup. Things we like to see are the feet between hip or shoulder-width apart.
  • Any wider or smaller and you will have a hard time moving athletically during your actual golf swing.

Step 2

  • Bend your knees.
  • Allow your legs to support the rest of your body in the setup, so be sure to add enough bend in your knees to allow you to be mobile. If you have too little flex in your legs your ability to generate a powerful swing will be reduced drastically.
  • If you have too much flex in your legs you will have a hard time hitting the golf ball cleanly and potentially struggle hitting fat and chunky golf shots.
  • We recommend just enough flex to give you a bit of a bounce to your setup.

Step 3

  • Bend from your hips and allow your spine to make an angle to the ground.
  • The best golfers in the world have been measured and they typically bend over from their hips roughly 34 to 38 degrees. Some golfers bend forward more like Masters Champion Zack Johnson, and some golfers bend over less like Rocco Mediate.
  • The key to this set is bending to a comfortable amount where you remain balanced and don’t fall or lean too far forward or too far backward.

Step 4

  • From your previous position let your arms comfortably hang off your shoulders straight down.
  • This is the location that your hands naturally want to be in and that’s where they should be in your setup.

What you will notice is if you bent over a lot in Step 3, it is likely that your arms hang further away from your body than if you bent over less in Step 3 which would make your hands closer to your body at the setup position.


The golf swing is one of the most difficult aspects to master. By understanding how to hit down on the ball, you can improve your game immensely and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. How do I know? Well, by reading this blog post! We have outlined some tips for hitting down on the golf ball below so that you don't get overwhelmed with all of these confusing technicalities. If there are any other questions about this topic or anything else related to playing golf, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to answer it as soon as possible."

We have already given you all the information you know how to hit down on the golf ball when you are in your game. Hope this is what you are looking for

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