How To Carry A Golf Bag With One Strap or Two

You’ve decided to buy a carry golf bag, and it has everything you could have ever dreamt of, but the only problem you are faced with is trying to figure out how to carry a golf bag.

How To Carry A Golf Bag With One Strap or Two

Carrying a golf bag can be difficult, so here are some helpful tips for carrying your clubs. First, always have the strap over one shoulder and under the opposite arm. This will allow you to use both arms to assist with balance and weight distribution. You should also keep your back straight when carrying a golf bag at all times. The final tip is that if you're walking up or down hills, try not to walk backward as this will cause the clubs on top of the bag to shift forward and put more weight on your lower back. Use gravity in your favor by letting the hill help carry you instead!

You’ve decided to buy a carry golf bag, and it has everything you could have ever dreamt of, but the only problem you are faced with is trying to figure out how to carry a golf bag.

Today in this article, we are going to help you solve the problem. Hence, knowing exactly how you can safely and comfortably carry your clubs is one of the first things you’ll need to learn about your new carry golf bag.

So, in a way, the success of your round of golf depends on how to carry golf clubs for easy, quick retrieval and return of your precious golf clubs.

How To Carry a Golf Bag

What you will know in this post:

  • What is the carry golf bag?
  • How to carry golf clubs – Learn the Right Way
  • How to carry a golf bag? A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing Your Bag
  • The ways to know how to carry a golf bag a little bit easier

What is the Carry golf club bag?

First and foremost, if you want to know how to carry a golf bag the right way, we think you should understand what carrying a golf bag is first. This is the definition of that:

The right posture is a primary aspect of how to properly carry a golf bag. Golf bags are used to carry golf clubs and accessories around the course. Furthermore, carry golf bags are the most convenient golf bag on the market and it offers the best way to carry a golf bag.

So, what is the proper way to carry a golf bag? They are carried on the back or at the shoulders. Moreover, they feature a compact and lightweight construction. Furthermore, they are designed to offer easy carrying.

It is so important to be aware of how to wear a golf bag for a quality golfing experience.

The second thing, you’re going to need to follow a few steps to make sure that your bag is ready to be carried. These steps are essential, as they’ll give you a clear idea if any further adjustments need to be made before you head out onto the golf course.

How to Carry Golf Clubs Bag – Learn the Right Way

You ought to know how to carry a golf bag properly. Before you even start worrying about how to wear a carry golf bag, you need to pack it. Before packing, you need to do some adjustments. Here, we are going to emphasize the 3 main points you should notice.

Adjust the Straps of the Bag When Empty

Before going about loading you’re amazing golf clubs into the bag, make some early strap adjustments. This means adjusting the strap of an empty golf bag to fit the frame and size of your body. And this way, you will get the perfect fit.

Start Loading the Golf Clubs

Begin with the longer and heavier ones first. These fit into the compartments closest to the strap. So the heaviest load is placed higher and nearer to the bag for proper balance.

Now moving on to your long irons, these should be placed in the middle. And the shorter irons are stored in the remaining compartments. That means the lightest golf clubs are in the bottom, thus preventing the possibility of bouncing or any such unwanted movements when you’re walking.

Evenly Distribute Your Accessories

The accessories include golf balls, tees, divot tools, gloves, etc. These may be small, lightweight items but they certainly add a considerable amount of weight when combined. In that sense, it’s better to distribute the weight evenly. Otherwise, it’s hard to maintain balance and comfort when carrying your golf bag.

Continue reading to discover more information you should know to help you get an amazing golf bag for yourself. Now we will go through how to carry a golf bag with one strap, two straps, and a cart bag.

How to carry a golf bag?

How to carry a golf bag with one strap

As soon as you’ve organized your clubs in the best position possible, it’s time to figure out how you ought to carry your single-strap bag so that you can limit the amount of strain on your shoulders, neck, and back. Most carrying bags are ergonomically designed, but muscle fatigue and strain can occur at any time.

Tip 1: Carrying with Your Legs

As the first rule for lifting and carrying anything unusually heavy, focus most of the weight on your legs, as they are substantially stronger than your back. Not only will you want to put more pressure on your legs while walking with your bag, but also when you lift them from the ground.

Tip 2: Use the Lift Handle

The majority of golf bags come equipped with a lift handle that gives you a basic way to pick the bag up from the ground and to limit the amount of energy you exert on the golf course and it’s always recommended that you rely on the lift handle to do most of the work for you.

Tip 3: Carry Using Your Dominant Shoulder

Any potential part of your body is probably going to be stronger than the opposite side, and as such, it’s imperative that you carry your bag on your dominant shoulder. When you place the bag on your shoulder, ensure that the strap sits comfortably and doesn’t feel like it’s digging into your skin or adding extra pressure to any sensitive areas. If you notice any discomfort, readjust the shoulder strap until it sits perfectly.

Tip 4: Rely on a Cart

If all else fails, you can find a lot of products that are designed to make carrying your golf bag easier. This is particularly important for someone who has been dealing with muscle pain or older golfers who don’t have assistance from a caddy, friend, or family member.

How to carry a golf bag with two straps

The essential thing to remember when it comes to a golf bag with two straps is to do the same initial steps as one strap.

Make sure that the weight is evenly laid out in your bag. And with a stand bag with two straps, a weight problem will be even more detrimental to your back and posture while out on the golf course.

Also, try to get a feel for the bag before you get on the course. Sometimes the bag will come in a certain strap length that might be uncomfortable for you.  Be sure to adjust it before you need to go to a chiropractor for a bad back.

The most common way to know if your straps are a good length is that your bag should be higher up on your back when you have both straps on.  Too many golfers have too much slack with their bag straps and that is awful for your posture.

When you break them down, the rules are generally the same with a one-strap bag and a two-strap golf bag.

But, the biggest tip that I have for both is below and it is vital that you use it.

How to carry a cart bag

Instead of learning how to carry a golf bag with one strap or two straps, you could purchase or rent a golf cart. The greatest advantage of using a cart is you get to limit the amount of physical activity you’re doing, which can help improve your game and give you a more enjoyable time on the golf course.

As the name suggests, these bags you move around the golf course on a cart. More often than not, they are outfitted with a single strap that you can sling over the shoulder.

The third thing we think you probably need to know to help you enhance your game. We are going to give you 4 tips to make your life easier. Let’s get started.

The ways to know how to carry a golf bag a little bit easier

Adjust your bag straps:

The easiest, cheapest improvement you can make to your golf bag right now is to fix those straps! Play around with the length and direction of the straps until you’ve sought the perfect length between your dominant and non-dominant shoulder. Furthermore, a proper adjustment will look different for each person, but focus on finding a balance between relieving pressure on your back and keeping your clubs upright and it might take five minutes, but this can completely change your game.

Remove one of your straps:

If you find yourself slinging your bag over a single shoulder, consider removing one of the straps. Often, removing the unused strap will redistribute the weight on your dominant shoulder, making it more convenient for you to carry.

Invest in a new bag strap:

For $20, $30, or more, you can buy a brand new lease on your golf game. So long as your bag isn’t prohibitively heavy, a new strap (with gel padding, anyone?) can go a long way in making your walk just a little bit easier.

Empty out your bag:

It sounds so simple, but so few people take the time to cull through the crap in their bags. As the result, throw out the old scorecards, remove all but one of the rain jackets, and leave the umbrella in the car if the weather looks good, and only keep a few golf balls on you. All these tiny changes add up, and they can be the difference in your next round.


Golfers can carry a golf bag in many ways. The most common methods are to use your hands, shoulder straps, or the handle on one side of the cart. However, there is no right way to carry a golf bag and it’s up to you what works best for you and how much excess weight you want to lift at any given time. Here are some more tips about carrying a golf bag that may help make this task easier. If I had written these paragraphs instead of just reading them off my phone screen while sitting at work waiting for my next meeting (sorry mom), they would have been so captivating!

So determining how to carry a golf bag, Is simple? we hope with the help of these golf bag guides, you won’t have to worry about choosing which one is the best for you. Overall the essential factor is that you need to focus on carrying it around safely.

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