What Does a Golf Course Maintenance Worker Do

Have you ever thought of what enters into setting up and preserving a fairway before your round? After all, golf lot of the job to prepare the playing surface areas you enjoy obtains done early in the morning before you also reach the training course.

Golf Course Maintenance Jobs

Have you ever thought of what enters into setting up and preserving a fairway before your round? After all, golf lot of the job to prepare the playing surface areas you enjoy obtains done early in the morning before you also reach the training course. Keeping an average 18-hole golf link-- which is larger than 70 football areas-- takes work and also great deals of it.

The ordinary 18-hole training course might additionally have dozens of bunkers, a couple of miles of cart paths, and numerous various other course functions. As you can think, it takes a great deal of job to preserve all the various elements. Surprisingly, a lot of that job takes place prior to golf enthusiasts even arriving at the very first tee.

Golf links upkeep groups begin their day at the daybreak so they have time to prepare their program for golf players with little interruption. Functioning early, with little disruption, enables them to run at peak performance. Efficiency considerably decreases later on in the day when workers must be extra conscious of play, so upkeep teams try to obtain one of the most from the very first couple of hours of their day.

On a normal early morning, golf course upkeep workers trim enough turf to cover more than 25 football areas.1 In enhancement to mowing, employees alter hole locations, move tee markers, rake bunkers, clean up particles, scout for bugs, and may water choose areas. After their morning work, the 2nd round of tasks starts. This job often includes mowing harsh, bordering cart courses, and also cutting the grass around shelters and also trees. Frequently, all this work takes place prior to lunch.

In spite of an early start, not every work can be ended up in the past early morning play. Weather condition, team dimension, equipment availability, and the golf schedule are just a couple of crucial aspects that play a substantial function in upkeep productivity. However, in the vast bulk of scenarios, it will certainly be necessary for the maintenance job to proceed after play has started. Therefore, it's essential for golf players to give upkeep teams time as well as area as they strive to produce great playing conditions.

What Is a Golf Course Maintenance Worker?

Golf course maintenance employees keep the condition of the fairway, consisting of the eco-friendlies and the bordering landscape design. It is possible to get a task as an entry-level employee or a golf course maintenance superintendent. Entry-level workers do fundamental functions, like trimming and feeding the lawn. They may also keep the top quality of water attributes and sand traps. These workers commonly report to the superintendent, that is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the training course are sufficiently preserved as well as ready for players every day.

What Are Golf-Course Maintenance Job Duties?

As a golf-course maintenance employee, you shape the turf, plants, and also trees that belong to golf links. You see to it that all environment-friendlies are cut and also free of leaves. You are in charge of keeping edges, flags, cups, fairways, harsh, yardage markers, tee boxes, sand traps, sprinkler systems as well as golf carts in good condition. Your water and also aerate your training course, spray and mix chemicals as well as deal with golfer problems.

Relying on the upkeep placement, you may collaborate with as well as repair work equipment made use of at your fairway. Upper-level messages might involve finishing paperwork, guiding juniors, and maintaining your course's general look, really feel as well as eminence.

Golf Course Maintenance

Golf link groundskeepers are responsible for guaranteeing that the program is secure for play. This includes discussing the grounds with an eye for potential hazards, such as sinkholes, flooding, fractured or damaged courses, debris, and pets. This type of complete evaluation needs to be conducted daily. Golf link groundskeepers should be able to properly determine and repair any area that might provide safety and security or carcinogen to program customers.

Landscaping Duties

A key responsibility of a golf links groundskeeper is the landscaping of the program itself. This job includes collaborating with golf course managers and also specialist landscaping companies to establish the wanted appearance as well as the care needed to keep that look. Groundskeepers will make use of equipment, ranging from mower and weed eaters to handheld horticulture devices, to reduce as well as form the turf and bordering trees as well as shrubbery. Groundskeepers need to be knowledgeable concerning expanding various types of fairway grasses and also attractive landscaping.

Supervising Grounds Crew

The size and range of most fairways generally imply that a whole team is charged with maintaining the grounds. Many golf courses will certainly use a key groundskeeper, whose task obligations consist of supervising the rest of the premises crew. This guidance includes recognizing work that requires to be done and also assigning crew members to do the work, as well as reviewing the work to make sure it is succeeded and promptly.

Preparing for Special Events

Thanks to their attractive settings and also elegant facilities, golf courses are preferred locations for special events such as charity fundraising events, team outings, and weddings. Part of the job description for a golf course groundskeeper is to take part in preparing the golf links for these occasions. This could include establishing special courses, roping, tenting as well as various other event stagings. It could likewise include being on hand for the occasion to handle last-minute or shock problems. Fairway groundskeepers often supervise the dismantling of special occasion staging to analyze any kind of damage to the course itself triggered by a special event.

What Are The Requirements?

Golf-course upkeep jobs usually have no academic requirement, although a level in cultivation, lawn science, or landscape layout might be useful. You might obtain experience in horticulture by becoming a golf-course upkeep trainee while enlisted in a level program. If you wish to function year-round, you need a valid vehicle driver's license as well as some experience. In addition, some states mandate a permit to use pesticides as well as might need one more permit to irrigate.

What Skills Will I Need?

As a golf-course upkeep employee, you require to be able to work both alone and also under supervision. You also need to be good with your hands as well as take notice of details. Skillful levels of oral as well as written understanding are needed too. Advanced golf-course maintenance positions require management, company as well as business abilities for developing records, making schedules as well as effectively appointing tasks. Comfort with quick mathematical estimations, expertise in safety and security methods, and social skills are commonly demanded of the top golf-course maintenance workers.

How Do I Advance?

Experience is usually the most effective means to develop as a golf-course upkeep worker. Having ranking might help you get promoted to assistant superintendent of the course. To come to be a program superintendent, aids to have a partner's or bachelor's degree in agronomy or an associated area. Once you are a superintendent, becoming a Certified Golf Course Superintendent (CGCS) may be a beneficial credential. If you pick to end up being a CGCS, you should have your golf links confirmed as well as contend at least 3-7 years of superintendent experience, depending upon your instructional background.

What Salary Expectations Could I Have?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many landscape design and grounds-keeping workers, that include entry-level golf-course maintenance workers, made between $20,760 and also $44,670 every year in 2018, with the ordinary income falling around $30,940 (www.bls.gov). First-line managers of landscape design, yard solution, and groundskeeping employees had an average annual salary of $48,220, according to the BLS since.


The key is to identify your weaknesses and work on those. Your strengths should be used as a foundation for the areas where you need improvement so that you can become more of an all-around golfer with fewer deficiencies. We’ve compiled some helpful tips and guides for how to do golf course maintenance jobs like a pro - whether it's mowing or repairing greens. These are just some quick ideas to get started - we'll have other posts sharing even more information about getting better at this sport! Which of these suggestions will help improve your game?
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Guides in this article should provide you with the knowledge to get started on your how to do a golf course maintenance job.

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