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Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews in 2023

Mike Scott
  Jun 4, 2023 8:00 PM

To help you decide which is the ultimate device for your needs, we have golf rangefinder reviews of the top best golf rangefinders reviews of 2022 both with and without slope.


One way to ensure you play the best round of golf possible is to invest in the golf rangefinder reviews. Not sure how to find the top golf rangefinder? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with golf rangefinder reviews.

The best golf rangefinder reviews have earned their place in the sport by first, eliminating the caddie with the yardage book, and secondly, phasing out the need to depend on yardage markers and other landmarks.

To help you decide which is the ultimate device for your needs, we have golf rangefinder reviews of the top best golf rangefinders reviews of 2022 both with and without slope.

We’re excited to share our in-depth review guide of the golf rangefinder reviews. Below you’ll find the best Bushnell which top 4 best Bushnell golf rangefinders on today’s 2022 review list. Bushnell has gained a place in the heart of many as an industry leader as far as Rangefinders are involved. Let’s get started!


1. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

For any golfer looking to improve their game, Bushnell has you covered with the Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder. Incredible technology combined with extreme accuracy will help make your drives do some damage on the course. The Pin Seeker laser range finder and JOLT feature will keep one more step ahead of the competition by giving off a warning when it's in near proximity to a flagstick before it reaches them for cases where bunker shots are needed. What’s best about this modern piece of golf equipment is that it's completely waterproof; all outdoorsmen can truly experience adventure without having to worry as they head out onto the terrain to explore."

There’s Pin-Seeker with JOLT Technology to eliminate any doubt that you have locked onto the flag. All of it is wrapped in a fully-waterproof metal housing to give the golfer the ultimate golf laser rangefinder. Especially, it is one of the most golf rangefinder reviews.

Key features

  • Item Weight: 0.9 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.5 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Slope
  • Model Name: Pro X2
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Plastic


  • Slope-Switch Technology
  • Dual Display Technology
  • Pin-Seeker with JOLT Technology


  • No mounting options - Must be handheld. 
  • Pricey 

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2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

The most affordable rangefinder available on the market that will deliver consistent performance for bowhunting, golf, and other professional applications. There are slope functions in both models. To make a slope swap tournament legal
Measure distances with extreme accuracy. the incorporation of modern features like speed measuring, continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking, and Flagpole-Locking Vibration.
measurement range of 5 to 650 yards, high accuracy of +/-1 m, and 6x magnification. The flagpole locking feature supports a range of up to 250 yards (Aim the flag while it is unfurled) and 150 yards (Flagpole alone). Most user demands may be satisfied by our rangefinder.

Key features

  • Item Weight: 184 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.17 x 1.57 x 2.83 inches
  • 6X magnification
  • 7° of field of vision
  • 25mm objective lens
  • 16mm eyepiece lens
  • Completely multi-coated lenses (FMC)
  • Battery Type: AAA (Not Included)


  • Excellent slope function
  • Excellent target accuracy
  • The enlargement is more than adequate and extremely clear.


  • Buttons require quite a bit of pressure.

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3. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder

With this slope-enabled Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser, you can pick the perfect club for your shot with accuracy up to 1 yard. Professional golfers rely on lasers like these, so why not you! The 5x magnification offers an even more clear look at where your ball's headed, and the fast focus system is great if you're trying to use it outdoors in low light. Be fearless at those long shots and feel confident knowing that only a class 1 laser less than 0.5mW average power output will show up in certain weather conditions - there's nothing between you and victory but the green.

Building on the huge success of the Tour V3, Bushnell made some changes, namely reducing the size by 30%. They also improved the pin seeker speed and the slope compensation mechanism. Don’t let the small size fool you – its golf rangefinder reviews, and a high-quality laser rangefinder that you’d be happy with. Moreover, the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, JOLT, and Slope. Especially, Slope-Switch Technology lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of Bushnell’s patented Slope function.

Key features

  • Item Weight: ‎0.75 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.62 x 5 x 3.37 inches
  • Style Name: Standard Slope Version
  • Range to a Flag (in yds.): 400 yards
  • Brand: Bushnell
  • Slope Switch Technology
  • Pin-Seeker with JOLT technology


  • Short vibrating bursts to give reinforce the laser has locked onto the flag.
  • Use what the Pros use, feel the exact distance...
  • Slope Compensation: The technology of tour domination. Slope compensation calculates and adjusts yardage depending on the degree of slope
  • Slope-Switch technology lets the golfer easily toggle in and out of our patented Slope function.


  • On shorter distances, the device might be more confusing than helpful.

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4. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

The TecTecTec ULT-X brings sight and laser rangefinder technology together for the first time to create mind-blowing distance measurements up to 1000 yards! It delivers accurate readings of flags, hazards, and layups within milliseconds so you can make smart decisions on every tee. Get even more out of this close-range golfing partner—the ULT-X will calculate your precise yardages while in Slope Mode. Simply turn it on by pulling off the faceplate that features vibration alerts for quick adjustments during gameplay.

Therefore, TecTecTec Ult-X is one of the best inexpensive golf rangefinders on the market. It will make it easy for you on choosing the appropriate club for a shot. What sets this rangefinder apart from most is it has a slope mode. With slope mode, you are able to take into account uphill and downhill shots, giving you more accurate yardage and helping you choose the right club.

Key features

  • Max Range: 1000+ Yards
  • Accuracy at 300 yards: +/- 0.3 Yard
  • Manufacturer: TECTECTEC
  • MSRP: 249.99


  • Max Range of 1000 Yards
  • Pin Seeker with Vibration Mode
  • Optional Slope Mode: This function calculates the elevation-adjusted distance to the target.
  • Continuous Scan Mode: Get immediate and exact distances to all factors influencing your play. 


  • Tough to read yardage number

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5. TecTecTec Laser Golf Rangefinder VPRO500S Slope with Battery

With the TecTecTec VPRO500S Laser Golf Rangefinder, you'll never have trouble finding the right distance to hit your golf ball or find a particular obstacle on the course again. Simmers as 540 yards of accurate laser coverage with slope compensation, this rangefinder has all you need for recreational and competitive purposes!If you’re looking for more information on reliable yet inexpensive rangefinders, then stop searching, this Tec Tec Tec rangefinder review is the best golf rangefinder under 200 just right for you!

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know all about how to improve your golf game without spending hundreds of dollars.This TecTecTec VPRO500 laser rangefinder has Advanced Pin-Sensor Technology, PinSeeker, and Scan and Distant Target Priority Modes. All this is viewable with its 6X magnification, fully multi-coated optics, and rainproof construction.

Key features

  • Item Weight: 6.52 oz.
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H 6.1 x 4.3 x 3.4 in.
  • Batteries: 2 CR2 batteries are required.
  • Brand: TecTecTec
  • Reusability: Single-Use


  • Max Range of 540 Yards.
  • Advanced Pin Seeker Mode.
  • Great function calculates the elevation-adjusted distance to the target.
  • Continuous Scan Mode: Get immediate and exact distances to all factors influencing your play. 


  • Flimsy-feeling housing
  • Glitch

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6. Leupold 2017 GX-5i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder

Trust Leupold to come out with a brand spanking new golf yardage scope that’s been beefed up with steroids to look like something out of a sci-fi flick! One of the golf rangefinder reviews and the best golf rangefinder golf digests amongst golfers is the Leupold GX 5i3.

Besides that, the GX-5i3 with high performance Digitally enhanced Accuracy engine and advanced infrared laser provides faster measurements and increased accuracy displayed to the nearest 1/10 of a yard and features TGR and Club Selector, which can be disabled for tournament play per updated USGA rule 14-3, the GX-5i3provides ranging information and club recommendations based on personal hitting strength, slope, and current environmental conditions.

Key features

  • Item Weight: 0.49 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎3.8 x 3 x 1.4 inches
  • Slope
  • Measuring Accuracy<100yd: .50
  • Weight (oz): 7.8
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 battery is required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: Sportsman Supply Inc.


  • Magnification: 6x
  • To cut through the weather, use the fog mode.
  • System with fully multi-coated lenses
  • Scan mode with a single touch
  • Rubber eyecups that fold down


  • The time taken to lock onto the pin is long.

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7. Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

For the golfer who strives to shoot par, the Leupold 119087 GX-3i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder is your saving grace. Lightweight and incredibly compact, it will keep you on the green from tee to hole with a simple scan of fairway or rough. Equipped with revolutionary DNA Technology, our versatile range finder includes USGA 14-3 compliant laser line-of-sight distance measurement only. The vivid OLED display is clear and easy to read at any time day or night in true color for unparalleled visibility regardless of conditions – open or overcast skies – while displaying distances up to 550 yards/483 meters as well as enhancements like slope compensation and temp correction options.

Key features

  • Item Weight: ‎0.3 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6 x 8 x 4 inches
  • No slope
  • Manufacturer: Leupold-Golf
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 battery is required. (included)
  • Product Dimensions : 6 x 8 x 4 inches; 4.8 Ounces


  • With revolutionary DNA Technology and a vibrant OLED display
  • The GX-3i defines toughness with its incredibly compact aluminum body.
  • The GX-3i is USGA 14-3 compliant and only measures line-of-sight distance.



  • No slope reading

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8. Nikon Cool-shot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

It’s not always easy to get the pin with a good golf club. That is why you need the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder so that you can see where there are trees and hazards in your way before making a swing! This Nikon product has a dual laser for pinpoint accuracy up to 13 times per second, and it also comes equipped with ID Target Technology IntelliTarget Identification which provides a continuous measurement for quick targeting of multiple targets. Get award-winning performance from this Rangefinder of the Year and be prepared on every shot with our professional warranty backing. Knife through all obstacles like they weren't even there because this range finder can accurately measure up to 450 yards in any lighting conditions.

Key features

  • Item Weight: ‎6.3 Ounces
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎4.8 x 6.61 x 3.35 inches
  • Slope
  • Style Name: Standard Version
  • Measurement range 8-1200 yards.
  • Brand: Nikon


  • Knowing the Slope-Adjusted Distance Aids in Club Selection
  • Actual Distance Indicator - Confirmation of Competitors
  • Locked On Technology Verifies Flagstick Measurement


  • The flashing green light seems temperamental.
  • Expensive

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9. Saybien Golf Rangefinder - Options with and Without Slope

Saybien golf rangefinders are the perfect choice for any golfer looking to improve their game, never have to buy a battery again and more importantly change your handicap in no time. Saybien Golf Rangefinder 6x magnification and a 2mm objective lens with both continuous scan mode AND slope mode will give you accurate distances up to 1,200 yards (and even accurately measure the distance that exists on sloping land)! Saybiens rangefinder is designed for golfing purposes only but is still tournament legal when deactivated--it's even lightweight and highly portable at only 0.4 lbs! Perfect for hunters as well!

Sabine uses the latest technology to give you the most accurate and golf digest best rangefinders, and the quickest reading to any flag or other object on the course. Moreover, It will even give slope-adjusted distances to help you choose the right club for every shot. Especially, it is the best rangefinder with slope turned off as well, making this must-have device tournament legal, complying with USGA rule 14-3, and with an easy 2 button operation and simple twist eyepiece diopter adjustment, a crystal clear picture is easy.

Key features

  • Item Weight    ‎0.42 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH    ‎3.8 x 1.4 x 2.5 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery is required.
  • Manufacturer: Sabian
  • Color: Black - 500m w/Slope


  • Extremely compact and light.
  • Slope mode performs admirably and is easily toggled on and off.
  • Design that is both attractive and robust, having already withstood a few of drops.
  • Distances are measured precisely.
  • The focus of the eye piece is readily adjustable and does not need to be modified once it is set.
  • Simple to apply
  • Reliable performance in early morning (damp) cloudy situations


  • It has difficulty locking onto the Flags.

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10. Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

The Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder is the perfect go-to when it's time to improve accuracy. Offering precise slope measurements, maximum magnification, and pin locking technology, these rangefinders for golfing are a game changer! With one of these in your bag or on your bag strap, you'll be able to confidently determine distance when determining optimum placement for clubs. Plus our range finders with pulse confirmation emit short vibrating bursts so you know exactly where that ball went!

Most major golf manufacturers are happy to leave the laser rangefinder category to the companies that have long specialized in binoculars and hunting scopes, like Bushnell and Leupold. But Callaway has anted up with the Callaway 300 pro golf laser rangefinder with slope measurement of their own to put in the mix, and it’s a very good entry.

Key features

  • Weight: 7.0 oz
  • Laser Range: 5-1000 yards
  • Size (LxHxW): 4.25 x 3 x 1.75
  • Brand: Callaway
  • Superior accuracy to +/- 1 yard


  • The controls are simple, and the target is immediately locked on.
  • Clear vision field, simple focus adjustment
  • Vibration feedback that is consistent
  • Based on comparisons with other golf mates on the course using different range finders, it is accurate.
  • A good price for a well-made range finder.
  • Slope can be disabled for tournament use.


  • There isn't much place in the casing for a spare battery.

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What is a Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance from your ball to your target. They help take the guesswork out of golfing and can help you choose the proper club to make the perfect shot. Rangefinders measure distance using either GPS or laser technology.

Laser Versus GPS Rangefinders

  • A laser rangefinder emits a laser that bounces off a distant object (like the flag or pin). Once the laser bounces off the object, it travels back to a sensor on the front of the device. The rangefinder uses the amount of time it takes for the beam to return to the sensor to calculate the distance to the object. It then displays that distance on an easy-to-read screen.
  • GPS rangefinders use satellite data to calculate the distance between your location and certain fixed targets (like the front of the green or nearby hazards).

What To Look For In A Rangefinder?


The number one requirement for a rangefinder is that it must be spot-on accurate. If we wanted a variability of 5 or 6 yards on each measurement, we’d go for a GPS yardage finder that can also provide a map of the hole and yardages to the front and back of the green.

We also want to be sure that the yardage is accurate to the target we select. If your rangefinder accidentally picks up a tree behind the flag stick instead of the flag itself, you may find yourself significantly over-clubbing. So you want to be sure that the yardage is accurate and specific to your intended target.


The average golfer will use their rangefinder 30-40 times per round, and more on tough courses with a lot of doglegs and hazards.

The rangefinder will be taken in and out of its case, tossed around, left on the seat of the golf cart, dropped, mishandled, rained on, dropped again, and rained on some more. It has to be built strong enough to take a beating and still crank out accurate yardages without blinking.

With price tags starting in the low $100s and climbing all the way up to $400 and beyond, we’re looking for a rangefinder that will work this summer, next summer, and for many years to come.

Battery Life

There are few things more frustrating than grabbing your rangefinder on that tough par 3 tee box and seeing the display suddenly go dim.

The battery indicator is flashing EMPTY and you’ve forgotten to bring a backup. You’re stuck either pacing off yardages for the rest of the round or annoying your playing partners with request after request for them to shoot yardage for you. Not to mention that the CR2 batteries that a lot of these rangefinders use can get pretty pricey!

If I’m having to switch out batteries every couple of weeks, that rangefinder is going to get replaced with one that won’t eat batteries.


With such a wide range of price points for rangefinders, we want to be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Can you just pick the lowest-priced one and be on your merry way to the golf course, or will that sacrifice too much performance? Is it worth it to spend some extra money for extra features or is a simpler, lower-cost option the best way to go?


The Display/Optics rating takes into account what your eye sees when it peers through the lens of the rangefinder.

The best optics will be crystal clear, like looking through a rifle scope or binoculars.

There should be no blurring at all, crystal clear images coming through making it easy to pick out the proper target. We’re looking for at least 5x magnification and an easy focus adjustment mechanism (that stays in place once it’s adjusted).

As far as display, we’re looking for a highly effective reticle to make sure you’re aimed properly (or the option to pick from several different reticles) as well as clearly visible yardage readouts.

Slope VS No Slope Rangefinders?

When considering whether to purchase a rangefinder with or without slope, you need to consider whether you want a device that is legal for tournament play or not.

Tournament play comes down to needing accurate distances, and laser rangefinders are notorious for their precision.

Since GPS devices are only accurate to within four yards and we want the best of the best for tournament play, which means being critical and petty about the slightest flaws, the laser rangefinders will be the show-stoppers for this category.

So, if it’s likely that you’ll want to use a rangefinder during tournament gameplay, then you’ll definitely need to know what the rules are before you even step foot onto the course. Having an “illegal” rangefinder can disqualify you, even if you’re not using the fancy features.

Should I opt for a laser rangefinder or is a GPS unit better?

This one ultimately is up to you. Personally, I prefer having a laser rangefinder as it gives you extremely precise measurements of whatever target you fire the laser at. However, GPS models will give you certain advantages, such as overhead views of a hole so you can make a good plan of attack even if shots are blind or deceptive.

However, GPS units give much less reliable yardages. On a clear day, you can expect a drift of up to 5 yards or so, and on a cloudy day, it can get much worse. You may even lose your signal entirely. Many GPS units or phone apps also eat batteries, so if you get stuck in a slow round, you may run out of power before you’re done.

Maybe it’s a good idea to have both at your disposal, but if you go this route, make sure it doesn’t slow you down too much! You’ll become the least popular golfer on the course if you take ten minutes before every shot trying to figure out exact yardages.

For quickness and accuracy, We’d recommend a rangefinder for most golfers.


You learned everything you want to know in this post so you can find the golf rangefinder reviews for your game. As you can tell, there are so many awesome choices out there when it comes to finding the best golf rangefinder to help you hit better approach shots and improve your scores.

There’s no doubt a good rangefinder can help improve your course strategy and your golf scores. The best golf rangefinder can also help train you to better estimate distances, which is a handy skill to have when you don’t have a high-tech ranging device. If you’ve never tried golfing with a rangefinder, we can almost guarantee you’re going to love it. You’ll probably even wonder how you ever managed a round of golf without one.

When choosing, I'd consider your price range, functionality, and durability as some of the biggest factors. If you buy any of these then We're confident they will help you feel more confident having a clear plan of attack on your next shot. Pair the best golf rangefinder with an affordable golf launch monitor and you will quickly start playing your best golf yet!

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