Best Ball vs Scramble

I will introduce you to what is the best ball? What is the golf scramble?

Best Ball vs Scramble - Golf Scramble vs Best Ball


You have already heard the words “best ball vs scramble”, right? Most of us who love golf, enjoy playing in golf tournaments or special events. From the fun day out for charity to pro/am events, there are many different types of golf days out there. And there are some different ways to play, whether you are looking for amateur fun to a deadly serious competition.

Two event types are famous in the world is a golf scramble vs best ball tournament. Here, you will find out everything you need to know to play in the ‘best ball’ and “scramble” events. I will introduce you to what is the best ball? What is the golf scramble? how to play and win in these events.s If you want to win, you will need to perfect your ‘best ball’ and “scramble” strategy. Let’s begin to find out!


Best Ball vs Scramble

What is a golf scramble vs best ball?

Golf scramble

A scramble is one of the most common formats for golf tournaments. The game is played by a team of four players where each member hits their ball throughout the match. Team captains choose the best shot from the first stroke and use the same spot for each player. After completing one round, the team engages in another stroke where they select one location and play the balls from there. The process continues until all holes are completed.

The scramble golf format is common among charity events because of the relaxed rules and lack of pressure to achieve individual scores. Its rules of playing are also informal and modified based on the organizer’s wishes. In some cases, the scramble match can involve allowing players to perform two tee shots due to the informal rules. This means golf scramble does not have an official format covered by the official golf rules.

Best ball

The principle is straightforward. You play in teams, and the score of the best player on each hole is the one that counts. The point of best ball golf play is this: it is a form of golf game where players of different levels of skill play against each other as part of a team.

It encourages the participation of golfers at all levels. Even if you are a beginner, you might be invited to join a team as a rookie. You can then end up playing in a group with the highest handicapper in your club. Or you may be playing against the best-known golfer in our area or even a professional golfer with a national reputation.

Best ball golf is a lovely format for the game. It is good fun and nearly everyone who has ever played it wants to play it again. It combines the best of two worlds, individual play and being part of a team. Your talent can still shine in the best ball tournament. You and all the players have the support of others as well. You are playing in a team game.

Next in this article, we will let you know step by step to play golf best ball vs scramble. If you actually organize each step in playing golf best ball vs scramble, it obviously will help you have a step close to winning the tournament.

How to play the best ball?

  • Step 1: Determine each side (pair or team) of partners.
  • Step 2: Determine the order of play for each side, at the discretion of each side.
  • Step 3: Play each player's ball from the tee through the green to hole-out according to the USGA's "Rules of Golf" for stroke play (also called medal play) and Rule 30-3.
  • Step 4: Calculate each player's individual score for the hole.
  • Step 5: Record the lowest individual score of each side for that hole. If one player has picked up, the remaining individual score(s) is considered in determining the score for that side for that hole.
  • Step 6: Total the hole scores for each side for all holes played to determine the side's score for the round. The lower score wins the match.

How to play a Golf Scramble?

  • Step 1: The team's opening course can be any hole on an 18-hole course depending on the tournament organizers. Each team member will start from the same tee-off.
  • Step 2: The general consensus of the scramble team will decide which hole is best to tee off from. Usually, the best and most chosen is the tee that is the longest drive and will land you in the fairway.
  • Step 3: The spot of the best tee-off spot will be marked with a tee or golf ball, and the team members must pick up their ball from where it landed and replace it within the golf club length of the best tee spot.
  • Step 4: Team members keep marking the best tee spots until one member makes it into the hole, the score will be based on the total of the best shots.

Of course, If you want to win any tournaments, you should have the perfect strategies to help you out in the game. Let’s do this for you. In the passage, you are going to read, you’ll definitely find out all of the information you should to know the best strategies to play the best ball vs scramble.

Strategies to Help Win at Best Ball Golf


Don’t worry about who had the lowest score on the previous hole. You want your best player hitting first for several reasons. If the best golfer hits a good drive, it takes the pressure off the other players which improves their chances of getting a decent tee shot. It also helps your “A” player not to have to watch the others tee off. That makes it easier for them to have a positive image in their mind when they play the shot.

Approach Shot

On the approach shot, have everyone hit ahead of your “A” player so that they know exactly what he needs to do. If they have one or two players on the green with good chances to make net birdies, the last golfer can go flag hunting. If no one is on the green, then they know to play conservatively for the middle of the green. That will lessen the chances for birdies.


Once you get on the green the strategy changes a little. You do not necessarily want people putting in order of who is farthest from the hole. You want to make sure to lock in par and let the others have a free run at it.

If you follow the suggestions laid out here, it will greatly enhance your chances of finishing strong. The best thing that can happen is one of your high handicap golfers getting hot. That will lead to less pressure and more motivation for the group.

Strategies to Help Win at Scramble Golf

Choosing the right playing order is essential in scramble golfing. Since the best player may not be the best at all phases of the game, setting up the playing orders helps get the best result. If a team wants to win a golf Scramble, the strategy is to allow weaker players to hit first while the best putter plays last for every single green. This is because if the first three miss, a team still has a better putter to play last.

Secondly, when choosing which ball to hit during our approach shots, always choose the ball with the best lie and view to the hole. A scramble game is defined by getting to the green in the least amount of strokes. Golfers whose drive was selected to be hit should be first on the second shot to cater to their confidence.

A scramble team consists of great putters, others who are good off the tee, and one who is the best in the group. The team should have a player who hits a long ball and another who hits accurately. In most cases, the most accurate player should go first and put the ball in the fairway. The longest hitter then goes last as there is less pressure to hit the ball and the players who need the most help improve their tee shots wedged in the middle. The forward tees and long balls get a team closer to a lower score and win the tournament.

Similarly, the worst putter should take the first shot, the second-best putter in a team should take the second shot while the best putter should go last. When the ball is on the greens, the more excellent putter should go last to ensure the accuracy of hitting the hole. On par-5s, the shorter hitters should play first before big bombers can take their shots.


We think after reading this article, you probably get to know what is a golf scramble vs best ball. Both formats of the golf scramble vs best ball are exciting and interesting to play. If you have two groups of players, we would recommend trying both formats. If you want to work on your game and still be a part of a team, then Best Ball is the way to go. In a “Best Ball” format, each player plays their own ball throughout each hole. The team’s score for the hole in the lowest score shot by a single team member on that hole. And If you want to work as part of a team but still have the freedom to play a wide range of shots, then Scramble will be best suited for you. Scrambles are more popular in corporate events where handicaps are not a concern; you are there to win but have fun at the same time.

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